Creating a Walk-in In LodgeWright

LodgeWright will lead you step by step through the Walkin process.   First select "Enter a Walk-In Guest" from the main menu or click on the "Walkin" button at the lower right of the room status display in Front Desk.


You must then enter your User Identification.

Search for previous guest information if they have been with you before.


If you do not wish to type in a name simply click <Continue> without entering anything.  LodgeWright will continue on the process with no guest information and youíll have to enter it all later.



If the guest has never stayed with you before click on <No Match> to continue without guest information.  You will have to collect all the guest information when you get to the folio (for a walkin) or to the reservation information screen (for a new reservation).

Select the check in and check out dates.  For a walkin the check in date is always the current business day.


Select the unit, first by determining how you want to select it.  LodgeWright will allow you to select from connecting units only, from a particular inventory type, or from a list of all units.


Usually you will select from the entire list of units so that you can see the calendar status of everything.  Here units 101 and 102 have been selected by either clicking on those rows in the grid with the mouse or by typing their labels into the text boxes at the bottom of the screen.  Selected rooms are shown in red.  For more information see the explanation of the Reservation Calendar Display.   As soon as you click on a unit here, and it shows up in red, you have temporarily reserved that unit in the calendar so that no one else can get it.  If you click <Cancel> the units will be released. Click on <Accept> to continue with your selection, and with holding the units for your use.


Now you will see the rate selection screen.  It will come up with the rack rate displayed.  If the stay qualifies for a multi-day discount that will already be applied.   You can override any applied discount, select from Custom or Package rates, and enter extra people at this stage to see the actual rent that will be applied.  Note that the total is shown at the bottom of the form.  If the guest is on the phone asking for prices you can tell them their options as you explore the possibilities for them.  Click <Accept> to continue with the booking or <Cancel> to exit the process.  If you cancel the units will be released in the reservation calendar.  They will be unavailable to others as long as you do not exit from this process, so donít take off on a coffee break and leave this screen, or the previous one, up on the computer!


Management will have set up Market Sources to enable them to identify where their business is coming from.  It is very important that you ask the guest how they came to you.  It may be the big sign in front or a listing in the yellow pages, but it is important to know so that advertising money can be spent efficiently.  The next screen asks you to select a market source.  If "None of the above", just press cancel to continue without a market source.


Finally they are checked in!  The units are permanently reserved in the calendar until the guest checks out.  If management has set up Front Desk deposits that must be applied, you will first see a deposit selection screen.  You may waive all or any part of any deposit.  You may not change the deposit per key amount. 


Now you see the folio in the Folio Edit Screen.  You manage folios from this screen.  Normally at this point you will enter guest information if you have not already, print a Folio with <Print Folio> for the guest to sign, accept and record payment with <Amount Paid>, then <Save and Exit> to complete the walkin.


If you do not take payment up front, but take a credit card number to secure the charges until checkout click on the tab <Rooms/Rates/Dates>.  Here you may either enter credit card information manually or swipe a card in a card reader attached to your computer.  If no name has been entered for the guest, the name will be taken from the credit card swipe.


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