Making a Group Reservation In LodgeWright

Making a Group Reservation begins just as a normal reservation does, by letting you browse guest history and then selecting dates.  The differences begin when you do not see the rate quote screen.  With a group reservation you assign rates to the individual rooms after you have selected them.  The total rate for the reservation will be the total of the rates for all the rooms attached to that reservation.

There are two types of group reservation:  Convention and Tour.

A Tour Group stays together.  They check in and check out as a group.  At check in you must select a room from the group to act as a master room.  All charges for the group are accumulated in this folio and must be paid by the occupant of this room.  After check in you may add rooms to the group, in case more people showed up than were reserved for.  You may also check out a room from a group.  This combination allows you to adjust for guests that need to move to another room for some reason.

A Convention Group is simply a way of reserving a block of rooms for an organization so that individuals may call in and secure one of those rooms in their own reservation.  Each individual is responsible for their own folio and charges.  You may transfer a room from the group to an individual reservation at any time after creating the group reservation.  You may also check a guest in directly from a convention group reservation, much as you would a walkin.

When making a group reservation the differences start when you do not see the rate quote screen, and then continue when you get to the reservation edit screen.  There you must go to the "Group Info" tab, which is normally not available, to assign and manage rooms, rates, and the guests in the rooming list.

First click on the Group Info tab and click on <Add Room>.


A list will be displayed showing the rooms available for the dates you picked earlier for the reservation.  Select the rooms you want in the reservation.  You may use the standard Windows functions to select more than one room at a time.  Hold down the <Ctrl> key and use the left mouse button to click additional rooms.  If you left-click on a room without holding down the <Ctrl> key you will lose all your earlier choices and reduce the selection to the last room clicked.  If there are several rooms together in the list that you want to include, click on the first one then move to the last one and hold down the <Shift> key while left-clicking on the last room.  All the rooms between will also be selected.

When you have selected all the rooms you want in the reservation click <Add>.  If you left any off you can add them later.  If you added one you didnít want, you can delete it.


You will see the rooms you selected listed in the box at the left of the window.

Now apply rates to the rooms.  The discount type defaults to "N" for no discount, or Normal.  When you select a rate using the <Rate Selection> button the rate will be set for each unit according to its rack rate code and the selected discount.  Custom Rates and Package Rates will, of course, be the same for every unit.

You can type in any rate, as shown below, and click on <Rates> to be given the opportunity of applying that rate to all the rooms.  You may also select a discount, custom rate, or package rate in the Rate Selection dropdown list to the right.



After entering the rates for the rooms, if you know the rooming list you may enter the guest names.  You may also come back at any time before check in and add names to the rooming list.  Simply click on the room in the list at the left and type in the names of the guest.  Up to four guests may be assigned to each room.

Save the Group Information when you have completed entering it.


Next click on the Rates/Dates/Deposit tab.  Note that there is no room displayed.  Instead there is a comments stating that this is a group, either tour or convention.  Also note that the rate is grayed out, indicating that you cannot change it from this tab.  You must modify the rates in the Group Info tab whenever you want to change the rate.

To add a deposit simply click in the Deposit Amount Required box.  It will default to one dayís rent plus tax.

The rest is just like an individual reservation until you get to check in.

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