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LodgeWright Lodging Management Software began in 1983 as an experimental reservation and guest management database for a small, seasonal motel in Carolina Beach, NC called The Oceaneer.  Two physicists , Tim Haywood and J. K. Whittington, the owner of the motel, (that's us!) were experimenting to see what might be possible with those early personal computers.  The first time we showed the system to a front desk clerk, Pearl, we knew there were challenges other than storing and managing the data on the computer.  She didn't want to touch the computer, never having used one, and held her hands behind her back as she stood in front of the keyboard to receive that first lesson.  We began to realize that the human interface, how the program communicates with the person standing there using it, was the most important part.  We had to design this program so that Pearl would use it.  That turned out to be the key - why our software works with your clerks - because, as we have added increasingly sophisticated accounting and management processes through the years, Pearl has helped us to know what works and what doesn't - with the people behind the front desk, your business interface with your customers.

A few years, and computers, later The Oceaneer's reservations and front desk were handled entirely with that software.  Tim and J. K. thought someone might actually buy what they had developed, and Haywood & Whittington, Inc. was created to market that product.   The program, or rather family of programs, was introduced to the public in January of 1987 as "ATTEND".

The first person to see its potential and become our first customer also gave us our first complaint. We listened, saw the reasoning, and modified the program. In the intervening years we heard things like: "it doesn't have room rates"; and when we did put in a rate for each room for each day of the calendar we heard, "it only has one rate for each room for each day"! The first customer with a telephone system said, "it doesn't post telephone calls automatically". Others said "it doesn't handle direct bill accounts", or "travel agent commissions", "multiple room reservations", "group reservations", "multiple folios", "package rates", "it doesn't . . .", "it won't . . .".  You get the idea.

But we were listening, and we put them in. What LodgeWright does now would have been impossible on those early machines. Most of what LodgeWright is now would also have been impossible without the feedback we got from a lot of hotel/motel owners and clerks telling us what they needed.  We are still listening . . .

When Windows95 came out in 1996 (?) we saw our sales plummet as people no longer wanted a DOS program, no matter how functional it still was.  By 1998 our new sales had dropped to almost nothing.  But our customers liked what they had and stayed with us as they bought new computers and moved to Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and now XP.  That original software still worked on all of the Windows operating systems.  But the hardware was changing.  New computers are coming without serial or printer ports!  New printers don't have a printer port!  And old DOS software systems can't handle that.  It was time for the old software to change.

In 1998 we had fifteen years of development in the product that we had to convert to a completely different system, and it took us five years to do it.  The new product was called WinAttend, and didn't leave a single piece of all that experience and functionality behind.  Now, as we add Internet capability with email and web reservations we have changed our name to LodgeWright. The "wright" carries the idea that we are craftsmen at this, and know how to make something that does what you need in today's modern, competitive market.

Pearl?  Yes, Pearl is still there and still guiding us.  When she was first introduced to the new program we had to show her how to use a mouse.  But soon she grudgingly admitted that she liked the new program better than the old one.  Only then did we know we had done it right!  Now the program has been polished by months of testing on the front line, in service, at real properties serving busy holiday areas.  It's ready for you.

We feel that LodgeWright is the most flexible, useful, and USABLE lodging management system in the country.  If you want something that works and will run your business, LodgeWright offers you proven usability, functionality and reliability.  

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