Lodging Management Software

For Windows 2000 SP4 and XP!

  • Walk-in and reservation processes lead clerks through a series of screens to collect information and assign rooms and rates.  Each screen is designed to expertly manage a specific task ("form follows function") in the order in which that task must be done.  There is no "one screen does everything" design to learn and remember.  Clerks love it, and so will you when you see your training costs go down.  Just think, you won't need to hire a college graduate to run it!

  • A built in training mode mirrors your property, so new employees can "LEARN" (that's what its called!) without affecting your business or running up your training costs!  Clerks and managers alike can practice any front desk or accounting procedure with a mirror image of the current state of your property. LEARN allows your new clerks to receive instruction from experienced clerks during slow times with no disruption to your business and no danger to your data.

  • Create single reservations for up to four rooms.  If that isn't enough, create group reservations for as many rooms as you have available!

  • Create walk-ins for as many as four rooms on a single bill.

  • Split bills into as many as nine separate, independent folios (four people, each with a company and a personal folio?).  Move from one folio to another by clicking a tab on the screen!  Move a charge between folios by simply dragging it with the mouse!

  • Recall each and every guest that has stayed with you, and automatically retrieve guest history information when registering a walk-in or making a reservation!

  • Use personalized confirmation form letters that automatically merge guest information directly from reservations!  Use the LodgeWright word processor or any compatible rich text editor to create letters with graphics and Windows font styles for a truly professional presentation.

  • Accept reservations years in advance and automatically track associated deposit money in escrow, outside of your income accounting!

  • Handle direct bill accounts in-house!

  • Shift audits allow each shift to balance. A shift audit takes a few seconds to generate!

  • Comprehensive night audits take only a few minutes to run. Printing them is the slowest part.

  • Audits may be run as "trial" audits to let clerks find and fix discrepancies before closing.

  • Easily generate comprehensive accounting reports for the month and year, including a net profit and loss statement for the year which includes appreciation and depreciation of assets.

  • Use the time clock functions for employee check-in and check-out, and automatically prepare Payroll! Payroll gives you monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports as well as W2's!

  • Send personalized promotional letters tailored to your guest preferences and seasonal events to maximize repeat business! Create and manage multiple mail lists from your guest history, leads list, or other sources; then print mailing labels and letters for them directly from LodgeWright!

  • Create (and sell!) whole vacations for guests by making appointments that attach directly to a reservation or room with all accounting handled automatically!

  • Attelsys (extra cost option) posts telephone charges automatically to folios without clerk intervention!

  • LodgeWright is a sophisticated program that can be customized in many ways to fit almost every operating whim. We have incorporated a variety of sophisticated checks and balances to allow virtually automatic handling of complex room accounting and reservation transactions by ordinary people. We have designed our screens to be simple, giving needed information in a clear, logical, and consistent style that clerks and managers alike will quickly become accustomed to.

    LodgeWright operates on a multi-year reservation calendar based on the calendar year. All room assignments, whether for reservations or for walk in guests, must be made through the reservation calendar. Rooms and dates for reservations and current guests are tracked in a reservation calendar database which records room occupancy for a multiple year period.  The default length of the reservation calendar is three years. Overbooking is not allowed, but dummy rooms can be set up for that purpose.

    LodgeWright allows you to choose between the two most common methods for room rent posting.

    LodgeWright allows you to set up three separate rates for each of up to 250 rate codes for each day of the calendar plus options for custom rates, package rates, and manual rate overrides.  WHEW!  THAT'S A LOT OF RATE FLEXIBILITY!

    LodgeWright's Accounting Structure is one of the most flexible, accessible ,and USEFUL in the business. Reports are generated automatically, but when you really need to go in and fix something, a password protected Manager's Utilities section give you access to every number.

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