LodgeWright Reservation Calendar Display

See thirty days of unit status at a glance.

  - Days being reserved are shown in blue, centered in 32 day calendar period

To select a unit simply click on that row in the display grid or type in the unit label in the text boxes at the bottom of the screen.

  - Units already selected for this occupancy are shown in red

  - Reservations are shown as # symbols on a gray background.  Hold the mouse pointer over a reservation to see information about that reservation in a popup window.

  - Currently occupied rooms are shown as @ symbols on a gray background for every day of the stay.

  - Days with reservation calendar notes attached are shown in blue.  Simply hold the mouse pointer over the blue number to see the note displayed.

  - Relative unit usage history is shown as a color scale.  A greater number on the color scale means the unit has been rented more often.  Use this indicator to insure even wear on compatible units.

  - See room descriptions at a click of the mouse.

  - See the current guest register at a click of the mouse

  - With the shift administratorís password clear or block a room in the calendar from the reservation calendar screen.

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