Room Rates, Room Rate Calendars and Deposits

Rack Rates

The rack rate calendar is the normal rate that you will charge to ordinary guests. You may have up to 250 rack rates, each designated by a different code, with a different rate for every code for every day if you wish!  (That's a LOT of rates!) The rate calendar sets the default rate for a guest as the average rate for the period of stay. If you have different rates for the weekend and the guest stays a week then the average rate for the week will be returned automatically from the calendar. This means that you can set up your holiday rates and have them automatically applied to a reservation years in advance!  Each room is assigned a single rate code, setting the default rates for that room.

  Multiple Day Discount Rates

Each rack rate code also has multiple day rates that will apply only to stays longer than some minimum that you specify. You may establish the multiple day rate to be a dollar amount, a fraction of the regular rate, or you may mix both kinds of rates (dollar amount and fractional) as you wish over any period you wish.

  Extra Person Charges

In addition there is an extra-person charge associated with each rate code. You can establish how many people per room qualify for the base rate and how much to charge per person over the base number of people, and do it differently for every rate code for every day in the calendar!

  Flat Rate Discounts

There are also two flat percentage discounts available to the clerk at any time, which will apply a flat percent discount to the standard rate.  Common uses are AARP and AAA.

  Custom Rate Table

Also available to the clerk at any rate prompt is a custom rate table set up by you. Custom rates are independent of calendar dates and room codes. The clerk simply chooses one of the possible daily rates shown in the "pop-up" custom rate window.  You may establish the rate to be a dollar amount, a fraction adjustment (+ or -) to the rack rate, or a dollar adjustment (+ or -)  to the rack rate. 

  Package Rate Table

LodgeWright allows you to set up special package rates with charges on up to five different ledgers. One is usually room rent (often with a large room occupancy tax), but the other four can be anything you want (usually at a smaller tax rate) in any amount. The guest only sees one amount charged as rent to their room and is spared the details of how that package deal is charged to your income. All the details of the accounting for the different ledgers occurs during the night audit - automatically!

  Clerk Rate Override

Finally, any personally negotiated rate may be entered by the clerk at check in for walk in guests, at the reservation information screen for reservations, or at the folio editor screen in Front Desk for current guests. This will handle times when you need to meet the competition's rates on a day-to-day basis, or anytime you need to make a customer a special deal.


Reservation Deposits are automatically calculated for clerks as one day's rent plus tax. This amount may be overridden by the clerk at the time the reservation is made. The default number of days to the deposit due is set by the manager, but can be overridden by the clerk.

Front Desk deposits are automatically added as escrow charges at check in. These are key, telephone, kitchen, and special (manager-specified) deposits. At check out all deposits are refunded in full unless the clerk changes the refund amount. Telephone charges are automatically deducted from the telephone deposit.

State and local sales tax rates and room occupancy tax rates are added automatically to room charges. Room occupancy and sales taxes are tracked separately in accounting.

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