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Attelsys works by receiving call information from your telephone interconnect system over the communications port of your computer.  A telephone interconnect system controls the access of a local system of telephones to one or more "trunk" lines provided by your local telephone company.  The telephone interconnect system, including both the extensions (telephones) and the switching control device, is independent of the company providing telephone trunk line service.  The telephone interconnect system computer monitors telephone activity and, at the termination of each outgoing call, reports the details of the call by transmitting a one-line message to a communications device.  This line of information is called SMDR, for Station Message Detail Recording.  Some systems will provide a simple cost estimate in the SMDR line with each call.  Changing the call costing parameters is usually difficult and inconvenient, if it is possible at all, and always requires a service call from a technician.  The simplest normal setup is to attach a printer directly to the system so that each line of SMDR is printed as it is generated.  In this case you have only the costing provided by the telephone system.  A more sophisticated (and expensive!) approach is to buy or lease a special, dedicated, call-costing computer to go between telephone system and the printer.  This device will cost the calls and generate a line with the charges on the printer for each call.  With these kinds of machine all charges are controlled by the service technician working for the company that installed the machine, and you must pay him for each service call.  The machine is usually more expensive than a simple computer and yet it does only one thing - cost calls and print them out!  

Look at the control you have from your computer console with Attelsys!

and...    Attelsys for Attend costs only $125!  

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