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Attelsys  Telephone Accounting System

Attelsys is used to monitor the output of a telephone interconnect system and provide complete call accounting and reporting under the total control of the user.  Attelsys has been specifically designed and configured to work with the LodgeWright database, posting charges directly to guest folios. It will allow you to manage your telephone system, generate reports, turn phones on and off from the Attelsys program using preset limits for accumulated charges by extension, print charges by extension, and much more.

Attelsys will allow you to use a simple, inexpensive PC to monitor the output of your telephone system and provide costing at the rates that you decide are needed.  Those rates can be changed as often as you want, to take advantage of seasonal demands or to simply respond to rate and code changes by the telephone company providing the trunk lines.  Usually this will not only save you money in initial investment over other costing devices, but will also make money by allowing you to charge your own rates for the use of your own telephone system.

Attelsys costs only $395, and free upgrades are included for those purchasing the telephone interface and level I or II support packages.

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